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The idea of Smart Women Series USA, is to bring together women to share stories, learn from each other and grow.
Whether young or more seasoned (we don’t recognize “old”) empowering each other to make ‘smarter’ decisions, is our goal. Being vulnerable allows us all to educate ourselves and enrich our souls with amazing information to guide us through our journey!
The key is: Everyone has a story… we want to hear yours, and what tools you used to get you to the place you are today! We are excited to bring you a format for reaching our dynamic audience of excellent women!

Women Empowerment

Empowering women through informative events and unbridled mentorship, on making ‘smart’ decisions in their lives!

Informative Events

Enjoy informative evening events connecting with friends, and making new ones. 

Smart Decisions

We uplift each other to make “Smart” financial, educational and personal decisions! 

Smart Women Series 2020

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